New Product Alert!

We are so happy to introduce a beautiful Rosemary Plant within our range of potted herbs.    This Rosemary is a different variety than the one we pa... Read more

Summer is a mint time!

Supermarket News reminds us why Mint means Summer:   And for plenty of recip... Read more

The Benefits of Basil

We are very excited to share with you just a few of the health benefits of adding basil to your diet!    1. Basil contains a unique array of active... Read more

Take care everyone💚

A beautiful sunrise pic at Superb Herb, which is the perfect time to remind you that all our herbs are grown here in beautiful Aotearoa and looked aft... Read more

in the news

This month we feature in the in-flight Air New Zealand mag, where BNZ have taken the opportunity to promote our success story, one which they have bee... Read more

Hong Kong

Did you know that you can also find our Superb Herbs in Hong Kong? They travel really well and hopefully more will come this way as we made great conn... Read more

What to stock?

Our new “mini” and “micro” products were featured on the Top 5 products to stock in the trending BRANDED FRESH category of Supermarket News Ma... Read more