Potted Herbs

There is nothing better than having a fresh pot of herbs waiting to be used on your kitchen bench! Not only do they look gorgeous but if at hand, you will be much more likely to use them!

We grow our potted herbs as a ‘cut as you need’ alternative to the cut herbs, as they are fresher and last longer. They are suited to keep in well lit, protected conditions on your windowsill or work-top.

Once home, please rip the top of the packaging. You can leave the bottom part of the sleeve to protect your surface from the water or you can take the pot out and place it on a saucer. In general, treat your potted herb as if it were a houseplant and water sparingly but often when the compost is dry to the touch. Water from the bottom up, the roots will have less chance to drown like this.

Occasionally we find that people are too kind to their potted herbs and are unsuccessful due to over watering. During the cool winter months, you’ll probably find it needs very little watering. Over time as the herb grows, feed occasionally with an appropriate plant food. If the herb becomes overly pot bound, transfer it into a slightly larger size pot with fresh compost or plant it in your garden if in spring or summer.

Check our Herb Range and make sure you read the “how to care” section as not all potted herbs like the warmth and direct sunlight!

Pre-Cut Herbs

Pre-cut herbs are a convenient option, especially if you plan to use them sooner rather than later. They’re not as fresh as our potted herbs, who are still ‘living’ plants with all their vibrancy. Herbs begin to lose their flavour after you cut them. That’s why they have an expected life of about a week.

Keep your pre-cut herbs in their pack and place them in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. Once opened, and if you haven’t used all the herbs in the pack, please take the remaining herbs out and wrap them in a slightly wet cloth so they don’t dry out!

Alternatively, for most stalky herbs like thyme and parsley, treat like a cut flower. Cut 2cm off the bottom of the stalks and place in a cup of water in the refrigerator.

Basil is the exception! Do not refrigerate, as the chill will quickly turn the leaves black. Simply store in its pack in a cool dark place, or cut 2cm off the stems and place in a cup of water positioned out of direct sunlight.

Check our Pre-Packed Herb Range

Leafy Greens

Our latest range of leafy greens is so perfect to have on your work top!

Cut away in one go or use over a few weeks to add in any of your meals or even smoothies! These are nutrient-packed and will really help your family eat more greens! The Cress, for example, is the top vegetable for nutrients, so start using everywhere!

Keep the pots on your work top, not in direct sunlight. When finished and if in spring or summer, replant in your garden. You should see lots of regrowth! If in winter, add some plant food to the pot as after a while your plant will need a bit of food not just water.

Check out the Leafy Greens Range


Microgreens are a hot trend in the food and nutrition world. People wanting to improve their health and wellness through nutrition are sneaking microgreens in their smoothies, piling them on sandwiches, mixing them into salads, and even growing them at home.

Our microgreens are grown on a sterile wood pulp from New Zealand and all our seeds have been carefully selected and are untreated, which makes our product truly superb, fresh and safe to eat.

Presented in a completely sustainable punnet, our microgreens will astonish you with their strong flavour and boost of colour and texture – mini but mighty!

And as if flavour was not enough, these are to be eaten without moderation as thanks to their antioxidant content, microgreens are considered a functional food that promotes health or prevents disease.

Check out our Microgreens Range

Catering Packs

We are so proud to send our herbs to the best chefs around!

From 100g pack to kilos amount (you tell us), our herbs are not washed in chlorine and packed ready to be used!

For wholesalers only – start ordering our Catering packs today!


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