Why a Superb Choice?

We believe that fresh herbs are a natural and healthy way to add flavour, nutrients and mineral to everyday meals.

Whether making a snack, cooking a quick and easy meal or making something more involved, the addition of fresh herbs adds that extra flavour that will transform any dish. From living plants to fresh cut herbs, we offer the variety of flavours and package sizes that are needed to cook whatever it is you are taking the time to make.


Selecting Seeds

Our greenhouses are fan-ventilated in summer and heated in winter, so we can guarantee a constant supply of premium fresh herbs throughout the year. They are also fully meshed so we can eliminate most pests.

Some will still find their way in and, in this case, we will first dispose of the infected plants and, only when required, use gentle organic sprays, never any harsh chemicals or pesticides.

We are often asked what the difference is between our herbs and garden centre herbs. Our herbs are culinary herbs ie they are Ready-to-Eat now: No Chlorine wash and no nasty pesticides are sprayed on our herbs, they are grown to a mature size so you can enjoy them now.

Garden Centre herbs are grown to a smaller size and need a few more weeks of growth before you can consume them. As they are growing outside, they may have a higher level of pesticides to be able to fight insects.

All our herbs are harvested by hand then packed on site and dispatched within hours of being picked.
We distribute our freshness from Kaitaia to Invercargill and even Southeast Asia so don’t hesitate to contact us anywhere you are.

From the water we re-circulate to our sustainable paper pots and recyclable packs, Superb Herb is
working non-stop to make our operation more sustainable, from growing to packaging.
The water we use is continuously recycled and filtered making our operation more sustainable than any
conventional outdoor farming operation. The packs we use for our pre-cut herbs are made with recycled clear PET1 that we purchase from Wellington, NZ. They are also 100% recyclable in New Zealand, both bottom and top web. It is also important to know that no gas is flushed in our packs.

Our in-house agronomist and professional growers are working round the clock to ensure we send the best quality herbs to you, safe, clean and full of flavours!
As industry leaders, we are GLOBAL GAP certified . Our entire operation is audited several times a year by certified third party auditors. These audits validate our systems in many areas including food safety, product quality, training, health & well-being, HR and our impact on the Environment.

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