This is a Halloween Special! 
Did you know that the origins of Halloween have little to do with candy and zombie costumes.  Most of the ancient festivals associated with Halloween had to do with the harvest and magic.  The Halloween that we celebrate today didn’t arrive along a single path; it is a combination of traditions that tie transitioning seasons to the thin layer between life and death.  All of these traditions, the broomstick, the apples, the witches, have ancient roots. No image of Halloween is complete without witches and broomsticks, and when it comes to witches, we need to talk about HERBS!
So many to list so this year we have decided to put the spotlight on our wise Sage and memorable Rosemary:
SAGE: a plant associated with many attributes:  wisdom, protection, purification, immortality. Used by many to promote wisdom and bring good luck, it is said that carrying a sage leaf in your pocket will attract money!  This herb appears in many spells, and is supposed to be a useful ingredient in cleansing and purifying magical tools. A great herb to banish negativity and attract positive energy.
ROSEMARY: one of our favourites and we were happy to learn it was widely used in spells to promote fidelity!  Also for remembrance, bathing in rosemary water is a means of enhancing memory. Ritual baths were also used as a means of blessing and purification.  Burning rosemary while meditating is said to help remember past lives. A bundle of rosemary is a great way to keep harmful people and negative energy from entering your home.
So let’s all enjoy Halloween this year with a mix of candy and great magic herbs!