Sage Stuffing

Serves: Time: 00:15 Skill:
  • a handful of fresh sage leaves
  • 2 roughly chopped onions
  • 200 gram torn white bread
  • salt and pepper
  1. For a medium-sized chicken, pulse in a food processor the onions, white bread, sage and salt and pepper. If you like a ‘bound stuffing’, add 1 egg.
  2. Change out the herbs, add dried fruit such as cranberries, or some citrus zest, or chopped nuts – there are no hard and fast rules, so go off-piste and improvise.
  3. To ensure the stuffing cooks properly inside the chicken (under-cooked stuffing could harbour bacteria from the chicken) aim for a moist, not dry, stuffing and spoon it in loosely – don’t compact it.
  4. For stuffing recipes that include poultry, shellfish or meat, pre-cook these ingredients before incorporating them into the stuffing. Use a food thermometer to make sure the centre of the stuffing reaches 75°C before eating.
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