Did you know?

Known in Greek mythology as the herb of hospitality, versatile Mint makes sweet or savoury dishes unforgettable and cocktails that won’t help one’s memory at all! It’s the “go to” herb for punch, mojitos and icy long summer drinks.

Mint is great for…

Mint complements a range of dishes like tabbouleh, steamed green peas and carrots but also smoothies and summer drinks.

Pairs well with…

Tabbouleh, couscous, summer drinks, teas, fish, red and white meat, yoghurt and in many sweet desserts with dark chocolate.

Kitchen tips

Add chopped leaves near the end of cooking. Just use a full sprig or finely mince the leaves and stems with a sharp knife.

Take care of your Mint

Water your potted Mint little but often and keep in a warm place on your kitchen bench.

When replanting your Mint in your garden, make sure you isolate it from your other herbs as it will creep out and soon takes the whole garden space for itself:)

Keep your pre-cut pack of Mint in the vegetable compartment of your fridge.

Nutritional facts

Mint leaves provide a considerable amount of vitamin A, as well as small amounts of other vitamins and minerals like iron and manganese.

Health benefits

Thanks to its high level of Vitamin A, Mint promotes healthy skin and supports your immune system. It also helps cells reproduce normally. Manganese supports healthy brain function and aids in the production of sex hormones, while iron helps provide cells with oxygen and aids in energy production.

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