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How to look after your Fresh Herbs
Cutting fresh herbs

Pot herbs are grown as a 'cut as you need' fresher alternative to cut herbs; suited to growing in well lit, protected conditions on the windowsill or work-top.

Occasionally we find that people are too kind to their pot herbs and are unsuccessful due to over watering. Think of the hot dry Mediterranean conditions that many herbs are associated with.

Take the pot herb out of its sleeve and place on a saucer. In general, treat it as if it were a houseplant and water sparingly but often when the compost is dry to the touch.

During the cool winter months, you'll probably find it needs very little watering.

Potted herbs

Over time as the herb grows, feed occasionally with an appropriate plant food. If the herb becomes overly pot bound, transfer it into a slightly larger size pot with fresh compost.

The exceptions are:


Let the plant tell you when it needs watering, as it will start to wilt. Stressing the plants will increase the production of essential oils, improving the flavour. Watering the plant will dilute its flavour, so if you can, water at least a day before you use it. To stop the plants getting too leggy, pinch back the stems to just above new side shoots.


Mint grows best in moist conditions. Keep the compost just moist to the touch.


Coriander is the most difficult pot herb to look after! Water little but often, if required, when the surface of the compost is dry to the touch. As Coriander is a natural rosette forming plant, it tends to collapse when taken out of its sleeve.

How to look after your Cut Herbs
Cuts herbs stored in fridge salad drawer

Keep your herbs in their bag and place in the salad drawer of the refrigerator.

Cut herbs in fridge

Alternatively, for most stalky herbs like thyme and parsley, treat like a cut flower. Cut 2cm off the bottom of the stalks and place in a cup of water in the refrigerator.

Cut herbs in cup of water

Basil is the exception! Do not refrigerate, as the chill will quickly turn the leaves black. Simply store in its bag in a cool dark place, or cut 2cm off the stems and place in a cup of water positioned out of direct sunlight.


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